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    Since 1976 we have been privileged to
    earn the trust of our customers. We strive to maintain that trust with quality and care.

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    Encountering a finishing issue? Get expert answers to your most challenging finishing questions!

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    Looking for friendly people who really care about your projects? Our goal is to create a remarkable experience.

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    Time is of the essence to get your product out the door. Alpha is committed to timely delivery.

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    Alpha is a family-owned business and we are dedicated to integrity and team accountability in all we do.

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    Alpha maintains tightly controlled chemistry and processes to meet or exceed customer requirements.

    Who We Are

    Friendly, Responsive Service From Experts Who Care!

    • Since 1976 Alpha Metal Finishing has been a family-owned company with a focus on providing superior quality, rapid turnaround finishing.
      We continue our legacy with simple values in mind: faith, integrity, and doing things better for the customer.
    • Providing tightly controlled chemistry and processes, timely delivery, and integrity in what we do is absolutely critical to quality anodizing.
      Following best practices and managing risk is part of our day to day focus.
    • We believe in very important cultural aspects: leadership, accountability, and hiring people who care.
      "The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect company for each other." --Peter Docker
    • Our goal is to provide friendly, responsive customer service and the very best solutions every day.
      We strive to create a remarkable experience for each customer that meets or exceeds their expectations.

    What Our Customers Say About Us

    Building Trusted Partnerships

    • "I just wanted to take some time to thank you and your staff for accommodating us yesterday. We have never worked with a metal finishing company who have taken the quality and care that you do. You are clearly a group who value your customers and work hard to make our lives run smoothly. I appreciate your flexibility. It was a huge help and made our customers happy."

      —Tyler S.

    • "Alpha Metal Finishing was a pleasure to work with from day one. They are very responsive and solutions oriented. We truly value a supplier that makes our lives easier!"

      —Sal M.

    • “Alpha has continually provided quality service and delivery, no matter what the challenge is. Whether fast turnaround or support of a coating Alpha has always been there to help us.”

      —Gary J.

    • "Alpha has definitely been a favorite vendor. Not only do they have an intelligent staff, but they are friendly, kind, and simply enjoyable to work with!"

      —Amber S.

    • "The crew at Alpha Metal Finishing have always gone above and beyond to provide us with exemplary service with a quick and helpful response. Our company has done business with Alpha for decades and will continue to do so."

      —Eric H.

    • “Sincere energy! The people at Alpha show they care about our requirements while putting into motion the right amount of energy to get the job done."

      —Montague Tool and Manufacturing

    • "Everyone at our company feels very fortunate to have been introduced to Alpha Metal Finishing. We were struggling to find a relatively local source for anodizing that could meet our high aesthetic requirements... We can't thank the Alpha Metal Finishing team enough. They're wonderful to work with!"

      —Joel D.

    Ask The Expert

    Get Answers To Your Finishing Questions!

    • Can steel products be hardcoated?

      The short answer is no. The only metals that can be anodized are aluminum, magnesium, and titanium. The aluminum oxide…

    • Is there anything that can touch up black anodized aluminum?

      Yes, there is a possible way to touch up small scratches in black anodized aluminum. Birchwood Casey sells Aluminum Black…

    • How can you remove scratches or dents from anodized aluminum?

      If they are very fine surface scratches you can try automotive fine polishing compound and wax. Be careful. Regular clear…

    • Can color anodizing be matched to Pantone?

      Question: Can color anodizing be matched to Pantone? Answer: The simple answer is no. There is no such thing as…

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