Chromate Conversion

Conductivity and Pre-Treatment

Gold Chromate, Hexavalent

Chromate conversion, also known as chemical film, alodine or iridite, is a chemical immersion process. During the process, chromium hydroxide is produced. Chromate conversion leaves no measurable build-up on the surface of the aluminum.

All chromate conversion coatings use chromic acid in the form of its soluble salts. A thin, gel-like film is produced on the aluminum surface. Chromate is an excellent pre-treatment for paint or adhesives since it greatly enhances the product's ability to form a bond with the aluminum. It is frequently used on electrical and electronic equipment because it provides excellent corrosion resistance while remaining electrically conductive.

The films produced by this process vary in color, depending on the aluminum alloy being treated, surface conditions, and the type of chromate. Alpha Metal Finishing currently offers both clear and gold chromate. Our gold chromate conversion process conforms to MIL-C-5541E Class 1A.

Alpha also provides environmentally friendly Trivalent Chromate Process, or TCP.

Note: The cure time for chromate conversion to set properly is approximately 24 hours. Please allow extra time for turnaround on orders in order to ensure quality adhesion.

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