Custom Services

The Other Important Stuff We Do

Technical Support

Our experienced staff can assist you with technical questions related to anodizing, hardcoat, chromate conversion (chem-film), or stainless passivation to best fit your requirements. We take pride in our ability to find just the right process for your parts.

Shipping, Pick Up & Delivery

Alpha offers limited pickup and delivery services upon request. Contact Jamie Barrus or Linda Bateman for further details. UPS and Federal Express deliver and pick up daily at our plant.

Chemically Cleaning Aluminum 

We offer a process to chemically clean aluminum for uses in the electronics and other industries. We have 40+ years of experience in producing chemically clean aluminum parts for use with large scale integrated circuit chips. We also provide chemical cleaning pre-treatment for parts in preparation for aluminum brazing.

Packaging Services

Alpha Metal Finishing is equipped to meet your packaging requirements. Specialty packaging includes furnishing plastic trays for automated assembly, vacuum packaging, and boxes to customer specifications.

Recent Testimony 

"Alpha Metal Finishing was a pleasure to work with from day one. They are very responsive and solutions oriented. We truly value a supplier that makes our lives easier!"

--Sal M